Cloud Document Security


In recent years, cloud services have become an integral part of our daily lives as they give us the opportunity to store and share information with our friends and family seamlessly.

Normally, you can’t trust each of your friends the same way, nor you can trust a friend more than a family member. That’s why you shouldn’t trust everyone with the same confidential information.

cloud security

Always check whether your cloud service provider offers a good variety of security tools to ensure the protection of your documents. Check whether you can allow only certain individuals to view your information in the cloud. Also, look if there’s an option to determine what the viewers can see and how they can manage the info.

Do you need cloud security at all?

Many of you might wonder whether the cloud service isn’t secure enough to handle your information on its own. However, the truth is slightly different. Cloud storage of documents isn’t as safe as you think, especially without sophisticated security controls.

This type of storage is quite popular as it doesn’t require any space of your computer and you can access it anywhere in the world. If you’d like someone else to see it, you have to grant that person access to your cloud. Once they gain access, they can copy and print the documents if they are not perfectly secure.

When you’re dealing with documents on a cloud, you will want to decide who can actually see the PDF documents and what actions are they allowed to perform with them. That’s where the digital rights management technology comes in handy!

What’s Digital Rights Management?

The Digital Rights Management technology takes care of the sensitive information you posses by protecting it from outsiders. First of all, it encrypts the whole document and then it prevents being printed, copied by unauthorized individuals. In fact, they can’t be removed without destroying the file itself.

Always go for the professional PDF document viewers as you need a product that’s being strictly controlled, or they can be easily hacked and the content – stolen.

Popular DRM controls include:

  1. Set a number of views/prints
  2. Revoke access to files
  3. Restrict document to country’s locations
  4. When documents can be used
  5. Restrict access to a single IP or multiple addresses.

By having a wide range of security controls, you can ensure the safety of your information. Finally, ensure that your customers and employees know which documents they have the right to use and which not.


Even though it’s a new technology, cloud services gained immense popularity in recent years as they provide users with seamless access to information. However, just like with all new technologies, cloud storing has its flaws.

If you’re looking to quickly manage your documents or add an extra layer of security, then you might want to look up complete solutions.