best charging docks for iphone and ipad


When it comes to charging docks for iPhone and ipad their would be lots of choices available in market with different features and functions to give you best docks at least prices and set of good features .But some would be good in feature but not long lasting and some would high price

Thats why Here i have come up with 2 nice charging docks which looks great and solves your purpose of charging without being highly price or of cheap built quality .

So come on lets take a look at these options for charging docks given below 

1. Twelve south Hirise

best charging docks for iphone and ipadIts a great company that makes products which speaks for itself which includes docking stations like hirise deluxe which can easily charge not only your iphone ,but is also a great option for charging your ipads any time .

and not to forget its sits comfortably on any table ,whether you are in your office or at your home .

This amazing stand company also makes Hirise for your very own apple iwatch .

It is very easy to use hirise stands as it comes packed with a micro-USB cable,  Lightning cable, and 3 different Lightning cable adapters as well which give you a perfect fit for your iphone’s regardless what case you have on your iPhone or iPad and also it future proof your stand for all iphone coming in future .

Price : $ –Buy now

Take a look at HiRise for Apple Watch also – $– Buy now

2. Everdock series by FUZ

everdock-duo-iphone-image-best charging docks for iphone and ipadIt’s an awesome Little charging docks by Fuz which works on vacuum suction mechanism to hold your iphone firmly while its charging .it comes with single phone dock and 2 phone dock to charge your iPhone and ipad simultaneously

the docks are good looking and very stable ,their design is really awesome as they are made up of aluminum ,so rusting is not going to be problem for this  .also it got large ports to fit in your apple device which apple may come up with in future with different charging ports .

i really like using my everdock duo without any problems and so will you like it if you start using it without any problems

Price : Everdock by FUZ – $ – Buy now

Price : Everdock Duo by FUZ – $ – Buy now

Let us know which charging dock you use to charge your iphone and ipad below in the comment section .also if you got any other nice charging docks for iphone and ipad then also let us know to include in this list .

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